Welding Courses

Every industry from shipbuilding, aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, construction, boiler making, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, transport, electronics and most engineering services all use welders. Welding is no longer the dirty low paid job that some people imagine. New technologies now make it a clean, safe and more importantly, a very well paid industry. The welding course will provide skills in Oxyacetylene, Manual Metal Arc, MIG and TIG welding processes, and enable you to weld everything from stainless steel pipe to aluminium.

Course benefits

Why become a welder?

Once qualified a welder will start on £17,000 per year on average. With experience your salary can increase up to £20,000 or up to  £33,000 (NCS). There are opportunities to become a specialist welder and earn over £40,000 per year.

Welders are required in many industries from construction, engineering, transport, aerospace, offshore oil & gas to repairing manufacturing machinery and equipment.

Indeed have over 4,000 job opportunities for welders, which shows that there is a need for qualified welders in the UK.

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